Finding the Perfect Home

We first met with Stacey to discuss our desire to relocate to the general area of Conroe/The Woodlands and we were the buyers no realtor wants! At that time we were uncertain as to specific location, price point, how much acreage we wanted and if we were even ready to buy. Yet, Stacey took us on and never faltered in trying to find us a home. During the process of narrowing down our search parameters, Stacey showed us a wide range of property from very high end near The Woodlands to quirky, lower price point properties way out in the hinterlands. As we evaluated each potential listing, Stacey was able to guide and educate us as to the pros and cons. She was equally knowledgeable regardless of location or price point. We came back to the area to look a second time in March. Because Stacey had so patiently worked with us on the first trip, we were much more focused in our search the second time around. We better knew our location preferences but were still open to a wide range on the price point. Stacey patiently educated us until we were certain that we wanted a specific type of horse property/acreage and that we were willing to sacrifice the house if the location and property were ideal. In the end, she found a home for us an ideal location with 17 beautiful acres. The bones of the home were good and we are taking our time with renovations. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention when the real magic happened - after we identified our property of choice Stacey somehow convinced the sellers to accept a contingency contract in a hot market. We wanted to buy some time while trying to sell our TN farm. We ran into delays with financing and Stacey helped us wade through that. She called our lender at the 11th hour and pushed the approval through. The service Stacey provides is far far beyond showing and listing. She knows every nuance of the business and can make even the most difficult deal close. When Stacey gives you advice, you can be certain it is backed by careful research and thoughtful consideration.

— Susan B. Bulick