Stacey Found ‘My Home’

Stacey welcomed me to Montgomery County, helping me find a perfect house for lease. I knew from her warm, helpful nature, and her knowledge of the area that she'd help me make the right choice. After I moved in, I knew I had made my first friend in the area.  A year later, after my lease was up, I was ready to buy my first home. I called Stacey, excited to see what she had in store. She knew my taste by then, and had multiple houses lined up to view - all of which were right up my alley. It was difficult deciding between a few of them. I was looking for something that felt like 'my home'. I couldn't put my finger on it. One evening, Stacey excitedly called. She had some houses that she wanted to show me right away, so she picked me up from my house and drove me to a neighborhood I had not seen before. We walked through several homes, then returned to the very first one we peaked through. I fell in love with it, and immediately knew I wanted to move here. Stacey found 'my home'.

— Adam Parrett